The latest scientific achievements in the field of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases to be presented at ICCU 2019

Chairman of the 21st International Congress on Cardiovascular Updates announces: 

The latest scientific achievements in the field of diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases to be presented at ICCU 2019

The head of 21st International Congress on Cardiovascular Updates recently announced the presentation of the latest scientific achievements in the field of prevention, diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases in this year’s congress.

Dr. Massoud Ghasemi, professor of Tehran University of Medical Sciences, on the eve of 21st International Congress on Cardiovascular Updates, said that the congress will be held from 20-23 August 2019 at the Milad Tower International Conference Center with the presence of prominent professors and scholars.
He added: "The purpose of the this year’s event would be to review last year"s information on prevention and diagnosis of cardiovascular disease, and also submission of  modern  treatment technologies with the presence of national and international scholars. It has to be mentioned that last year 4300 participants attended the event and this year, we predict this number to raise to up to 5000. 

Chairman of Iranian Society of Atherosclerosis also continued: during four days of the congress, seminars and workshops will be held with the presence of scholars from different countries including North America, Germany, France, Italy, Austria and Kuwait.

Dr. Ghasemi, referring to the ability of physicians in diagnosis and treatment of cardiovascular diseases, said: Technical information exchange on prevention issues, including two factors involved in heart disease, blood pressure and High blood lipids, are also discussed.
He said: “different panels will be dedicated to general practitioners and cardiologists and will include topics such as heart failure, advanced cardiovascular disease treatment methods, new generation of medicines, the use of day-to-day technologies in the treatment and diagnosis of cardiovascular diseases such as angiography, CT angiography echocardiography, MR angiography and OCT.

He went on to add to the “Heart Cinema program” at this congress and said: "Over the past year, our colleagues in the cardiovascular system at health centers have been treated with complex case patients, providing the treatment procedure films to be used in congress lectures, broadcasted and re-released in dedicated parlors, through which advanced therapists and subjects such as aortic valve replacement without surgery , large valve enlargement, heart congenital diseases in adults, and arteries closures are demonstrated. "Panels will also focus on the topics such as advanced therapy for stem cells and advanced therapy for heart behavioral disorders, advanced 3D treatment techniques, 3D echocardiography, and hybrid therapy for cardiovascular disease.” 
Dr Ghasemi said: prevention of cardiovascular disease is in two primary and secondary methods, where primary prevention involves a delay in the occurrence or reduction of exacerbation of symptoms in the event of a disease, and secondary preventive treatment includes preventing recurrence of the heart incident and life preservation of patient.
He also reminded: Diagnosis and treatment options including intervention, surgery and medical therapy will be discussed according to guidelines and practical approaches.